Outstanding Renewable Energy Project

This award recognises a renewable energy project or installation that is of an exceptionally high standard.  Entries must be able to demonstrate exceptional practice (design, construction, performance, health & safety.) The project with have a clear commitment to renewable energy and how it is a key part of the overall operation – whether through education of staff and the wider community on the project, or being a feature of a wider corporate social responsibility policy.

2016 Winners – Cenin Renewables Parc Stormy

Best Use of Renewable Energy in the Public Sector

This award recognises an organisation that has done the most to develop renewable energy in the public sector. It could be a public sector organisation such as a local authority, school or college, NHS institution or central Government body. It could also be a company that has worked with a public sector organisation to develop a renewable project.

Winners 2016 – Natural Resources Wales

Supply Chain Development

This award highlights the company that has contributed most over the last year to the growth of Wales’ renewable energy supply chain, with nominations welcome from suppliers, developers and supporting businesses and agencies.

Winner 2016 – The Works, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council

Engaging in the Community

This award recognises a company or organisation that can prove it works with the community. It could be an energy developer that can demonstrate involvement with and support of a local community as part of a project. Or it may be a renewable energy project or initiative that has been led by a community.

Winners 2016 – Ynni Ogwen Cyf

Outstanding Advocate - Individual

This category is for an individual who has most effectively promoted the benefits of green energy in Wales.  The winner could be someone who has helped attract new investment, encouraged the Welsh Government to support green energy, paved the way for new jobs and investment or tirelessly campaigned to raise awareness of sustainability.  Judges will be looking for candidates whose aim was not just to further their own business but to create opportunities for everyone.

Winner 2016 – Steve Hack

Outstanding Advocate - Organisation

Sponsored by Raymond Brown Renewables

This award is aimed at an organisation that has passionately promoted the merits of renewable energy in Wales and successfully changed the nature of the debate. They will also have championed Wales as a potential leader in the renewable energy sector. Alternatively, this could be an organisation that has ensured businesses in other parts of the UK are aware of Wales’ strengths – helping to attract new investment and jobs.

Winners 2016 – Dulas Ltd

Contribution to Skills & Training

Celebrates the individual, company or organisation that has made the greatest contribution to developing the renewable energy workforce for Wales, now or for the future.

Winners 2016 – ISO Fab

Political Award

Sponsored by Invicta PA

Recognises the most outstanding contribution by a politician (councillor, AM, MP or MEP) to the development of the renewable energy industry in Wales.

Winner 2016 – Carl Sargeant AM

NEW CATEGORY - Smart Energy project

This award recognises an individual, company or organisation who have displayed innovation in an energy project and have successfully deployment a smart energy solution. The scheme should showcase the real-world deployment of pioneering concepts related to energy generation, grid, storage or combinations of different systems. This could be from a technological point of view, but might also incorporate novel methods of working to allow results which would not otherwise have taken place.


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